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Experience the Magic of Divine Energy Healing and receive guidance from the Universe: open to the Mystery -- it will transform your life! 

Drop into your heart: So much love and support is available to you! But sometimes we can't feel it due to the fast pace of the world: political changes, economic changes, environmental changes are occurring, and our emotional issues are arising.

The higher truth is that we are all ONE, alive in a quantum field of vibrating energy, and we have access to MAGIC and LOVE at all times (that is what we are made of, ultimately).

However, we are all evolving at a rapid rate, and suffering happens, it is part of the cycle of our evolution. Emotional issues bubble to the surface, as we all have issues! They are a part of our humanity, a gift, pointing the way towards a natural part of our evolution: we came here to move through them.

The Opportunity:


Transform your life and RELEASE emotional issues that are creating problems.

The Method:

My sessions consist of two healing modalities, intuitive guidance, Divine guidance (in the form of Guides and Angels), and Breathwork.


Many of my clients have utilized my healing sessions to transform emotional issues they've had for years. Sometimes their outer life changes dramatically as well: for example a client may experience that the people in their life interact with them differently. This is because the client has transformed, and the energy they are beaming out into the world has changed. This is deeply transformative work, and I love providing this powerful yet gentle solution to clients. These sessions are truly magical!


 The Two Healing Modalities I use:


1) Source Healing: Calling on the Divine Source of Light & Love, and standing aside. Divinity knows what to heal and when. This way opened up to me while in Sweden, while living with fellow healers on a lifelong path of nurturing their healing abilities.

2) VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing: this is a holistic system of multi-dimensional healing & inner awakening. It is an ancient art that was re-discovered 30 years ago and has been practiced by thousands of people all over the world. By channeling Divine Energy & Consciousness, we can transform emotional issues that are ingrained in all aspects of the body's energy system, including the physical body.

We can work on either a life situation, a past trauma, an emotional issue, or a pain you may be experiencing, either physical or emotional. You will be guided deeper towards the root of such issues, with the intention of healing and awakening.

These sessions are helpful if a client is interested in transforming their life in a powerful way, or they are simply on a path of inner healing and awakening.

Here are some example issues / challenges that I have helped my clients with, in the past:

~ Creating a powerful, beautiful & thriving relationship (releasing any issues that block this, for example: past trauma, fear of vulnerability, etc. and bringing in healthy Masculine / Feminine polarity)


~ Creating relationship harmony (releasing issues that are generating conflict)


~ Creating stability in oneself (releasing anxiety & overwhelm, etc)

~ Creating Abundance (releasing fear of lack or loss, survival fears, etc)

~ Creating Self Esteem (releasing unworthiness / insecurity, etc)

~ Creating Ease in life (releasing fear of criticism / perfectionism, fear of attack or invasion, etc)

Structure of the Sessions:


Session 1: I listen and speak with the client in depth, to discern what they would like to transform or heal in their life. It can be a life situation they would like to transform, and /or issues and challenges. I receive guidance on how to proceed and we speak about that. 


Session 2 & 3: Preparatory healing sessions that prepare the client's energy system for deeper release work. 


Session 4 through 9: We move through the Deep Release section (Core Movements for the Issue) of the healing protocol, with the deeper awakening movements -- waking up the issue towards wholeness / freedom, and out of separation.


Essentially, there are many layers of our Energetic system where we hold our conditioning. Here are just some, according to the Deep Release Protocol:


BodyMind Network

General Consciousness & Psyche

Karmic Body

Organs Holding the Issue

Genetic Consciousness



Genetic Ancestral Realm

Genetic Personality Piece

Brain & Nervous System

Pre-karmic level

Incarnational Body

Issue Beliefs


Recent testimonials:

"Zoe's healing and energy sessions have profoundly transformed my emotional well-being. After just five sessions, I feel lighter and my frequent anger has significantly diminished. Her guidance has been instrumental in overcoming feelings of unworthiness, and I am truly grateful for her support." Brad Hamblein, USA

"Your sessions started a healing process that I never thought could happen. I had to do a lot of work and I am not done but I'm in a different place! I must thank you for what you initiated, because I am in a really good place now!" Marie F. -- Fort Collins, CO

"I felt panicky, anxious and overwhelmed, and could not see my way out of it. After the healing I felt clarity, and the ease to take one step at a time." Carissa Price -- Durres, Albania

"Zoe is a magnificent and humble healer. The healing process can be difficult at times, and she made me feel secure and grounded. What I felt was a Divine presence working through my deep issues. After the session was done, I felt immensely present and happy. I recommend to anyone to be open and try this method!" Dagmara Szymanska -- Lisbon, Portugal

"I was inside a certain headspace & I couldn't get out of it. Your session lifted me out of it, and I feel much better. It was cleansing and healing, an emotional release. I feel like I'm alive again, I'll never forget what you did for me. Thank you!"  Jeff Jentz -- Fairfield, Iowa

"Zoe is a very sweet, warm and sensitive person, and I experienced the healing session as very relaxing and restful. The healing energy was gentle, strong and light. My sleep that night was deep and rejuvenating."
Ulla Alvarsdotter, Sweden

"The VortexHealing was a very unbounded experience. The energy came in powerfully, and it healed different areas of my body. I am amazed by this healing art."  David O. -- Fairfield, Iowa

"Zoe offers a truly transformative, powerful experience through source healing!  I laid down comfortably and she placed her hand on my feet and I went into a deep relaxation.  I thought, "well this is nice and relaxing but how effective is it?"  Then, in the middle of the healing I felt a unique sensation, unlike any I have experienced before, go through my whole body.  When she told me the healing was over I thought only 20 minutes had passed but it had been over an hour!  I felt such a deep sense of calm and incredibly serene and grounded that it took awhile to stand up.  I can see the issues she worked on begin to dissolve and feel a sense of clarity and peace.  I highly recommend her healing practices to anyone.  You will not be disappointed!" Gretchen Jentz -- Fairfield, Iowa

It is my joy and my absolute Honor to serve in this way. With love and MAGIC! 



"VortexHealing®" is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights Reserved.




Using the transformational power of Divine energy & consciousness, you can impact both emotional issues and all aspects of the body's energy system, including the chakras, energy pathways, energy bodies and physical body. Experience the transformative power of Divine light and consciousness channeled into your energy system and psyche. Vortex Healing is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust.

  • MUM, 1999, MBA

  • Coach and body sensation/somatic studies

  • Certified Vortex Healing Practitioner, graduated from 14 Healing courses in London, Mallorca, Boston, NYC, Berkeley, Australia and Santa Fe

  • Anxiety

  • Emotional issues

  • Past trauma
  • Low energy
  • Chakra clearing
  • Life transformation

I am a yoga practitioner, coach, and certified Vortex Healing practitioner who has lived in Seattle, Washington / Santa Fe, New Mexico / Whidbey Island, Washington / Bay Area, CA / Portugal / Sweden / Fairfield, Iowa. Currently residing in Australia.





Hi Folks! If you have questions, book below for a free 30 minute session. Or you may contact me by text or email.

On WhatsApp: +1(352)509-6353

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