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Want to experience greater freedom & peace of mind? If you have anxiety and uncertainty these days, have mercy on yourself! You are a human on this earth, experiencing these transformative times! Using radical listening, intuitive guidance and healing sessions, your transformation can begin. With presence & deep listening, I will focus in on you, and what is happening in your psyche & body. We will discuss what is needed, and focus on healing, clearing and transformation. Bring in the third element of wholeness, and return to your own true heart. Manifest positive changes in your life as a result.

​Methods Used: 1) Radical Listening & Intuitive Guidance: Do you need a safe space to share your deepest feelings and shadows? All of it is accepted here, 100%. Do you need help with anxiety and your relationships? We will come up with a plan to help reduce your anxiety and create a smoother ride for you, with guidance and accountability. If you need help in relating to your partner authentically, we can begin to transform that pattern as well.
2) Source Healing: Calling on the Divine Source of Light & Love, and standing aside. Divinity knows what to heal and when. This way opened up to me while in Sweden, while spending time with fellow healers on a lifelong path of nurturing their healing abilities.
3) VortexHealing: a magical source for further healing: experience the transformative power of Divine light and consciousness channeled into your energy system and psyche. Return to greater wholeness.

​Testimonials: "Your sessions started a healing process that I never thought could happen. I had to do a lot of work and I am not done but I'm in a different place! I must thank you for what you initiated, because I am in a really good place now!" Marie F. -- Fort Collins, CO

"I felt panicky, anxious and overwhelmed, and could not see my way out of it. After the healing I felt clarity, and the ease to take one step at a time" Carissa Price -- Durres, Albania

"I was inside a certain headspace & I couldn't get out of it. Your session lifted me out of it, and I feel much better. It was cleansing and healing, an emotional release. I feel like I'm alive again, I'll never forget what you did for me. Thank you!"  Jeff J. -- Fairfield, Iowa

"Zoe is a very sweet, warm and sensitive person, and I experienced the healing session as very relaxing and restful. The healing energy was gentle, strong and light. My sleep that night was deep and rejuvenating."
Ulla Alvarsdotter, Sweden

"The VortexHealing was a very unbounded experience. The energy came in powerfully, and it healed different areas of my body. I am amazed by this healing art."  David O. -- Fairfield, Iowa

"Zoe offers a truly transformative, powerful experience through source healing!  I laid down comfortably and she placed her hand on my feet and I went into a deep relaxation.  I thought, "well this is nice and relaxing but how effective is it?"  Then, in the middle of the healing I felt a unique sensation, unlike any I have experienced before, go through my whole body.  When she told me the healing was over I thought only 20 minutes had passed but it had been over an hour!  I felt such a deep sense of calm and incredibly serene and grounded that it took awhile to stand up.  I can see the issues she worked on begin to dissolve and feel a sense of clarity and peace.  I highly recommend her healing practices to anyone.  You will not be disappointed!" Gretchen J. -- Fairfield, Iowa





Using the transformational power of Divine energy & consciousness, you can impact both emotional issues and all aspects of the body's energy system, including the chakras, energy pathways, energy bodies and physical body. Experience the transformative power of Divine light and consciousness channeled into your energy system and psyche. Vortex Healing is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust.


I am a yoga practitioner, coach, and certified Vortex Healing practitioner who has lived in Seattle, Washington / Santa Fe, New Mexico / Whidbey Island, Washington / Bay Area, CA / Portugal / Sweden / Fairfield, Iowa. Currently residing in Colorado.

  • MUM, 1999, MBA

  • Coach and body sensation/somatic studies

  • Certified Vortex Healing Practitioner, graduated from 13 Healing courses in London, Mallorca, Boston, NYC, Berkeley, and Santa Fe

  •  Emotional Issues

  •  Anxiety disorders

  •  Clearing the chakras

  •  Shifting direction in life

  • Strengthen the body






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